Kass Uehling's team of professionals offers a wide range of experience in branding, marketing and communications. They deliver results that build your brand and your business.

Leadership Team

Milt image Milt Kass Principal
Milt Kass is one of the nations foremost graphic and industrial designers.
For over 35 years, his award-winning work has enhanced the communications
of clients in both Fortune 500 corporations and select niche businesses.
He combines a relentless search for visual innovation with a mastery of
production and information technology.

Jim image Jim Uehling Principal
Jim's distinguished career coincided with and contributed to the emergence
of corporate identity in the U.S. as a component of strategic planning and
a fundamental aspect of contemporary business. Jim's position in the corporate
identity arena stems from wide consulting expertise, ranging from the analytic
to the creative.

John image John Young Principal
For over 40 years, John Young has specialized in corporate identification
and communications planning. He has assisted both Fortune 500 and
mid-sized corporations in enhancing their communications practices and
competitive positions.


Core Team

Freya image
Freya Ellinwood
VP, Client Services
Andy image
Andy Letendre
Senior Brand Strategist
Chatwalee image
Chatwalee Phoungbut
Design Director
Alex image
Alex Liebergesell
Director, Interactive Media
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