Independent, creative, full-service branding strategists, helping clients build stronger brands since 1972.

Kass Uehling is an independent, full-service
creative and consulting firm specializing in
corporate branding and strategic communications
planning. The firm was formed in 1972 by respected
industry professionals who continue to lead the
firm on a day-to-day basis, ensuring clients access
to their invaluable experience in successfully
resolving a wide range of branding and
communication challenges.

Branding is how a corporation communicates
who it is and what it does to key audiences.
It's more than a snapshot in time; it's a streaming
video that's played out daily in every interface
with your customer base, employees, shareholders
and other stakeholders. It's the sum total of your
company's values. A brand is strong when those
values connect with your key audiences through
consistent, predictable performance, quality
products and unparalleled service. A strong brand
inspires employees, builds customer trust and
loyalty, contributes to growth and impacts your
bottom line.
At Kass Uehling, we offer creative solutions,
based on knowledge and understanding of
our client's business environment, that embrace
both visual and verbal expression in ways that
support a credible narrative for its key audiences.
We have created distinctive brand identities for
established Fortune 500 companies, helped
name and brand start-up companies for their
entry into the marketplace, branded new
products and services and provided creative
design and writing services in print and online
media to support short and long-term
marketing goals. The result: stronger brands
that help build a sharper differentiation in
today's global marketplace.
Kass Uehling
333 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001