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To compete in an industry rapidly being deregulated, Philadelphia Electric Company needed a revitalized brand identity. Their current brand had not been changed since the 1920s. And to take advantage of growing business opportunities for their products and services beyond Philadelphia the company decided to change the name to PECO Energy.
Selected to develop the new brand identity, Kass
Uehling was asked to retain the well-recognized
diamond shape of their previous logo. We created
a fresh, contemporary symbol linked to PECO
Energy which retained qualities of the earlier logo
while signaling a new era for PECO. We then
created a system to express the brand persona in
everything from customer statements to vehicles.
When PECO merged with ComEd, we streamline
the PECO signature to accommodate the brand
architecture we developed for Exelon, their
parent company.
Kass Uehling
333 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001